Animate your name coding challenge with Scratch and Google

Could you animate your name using block code in Scratch?

This is a fun computer coding activity that gives a great introduction to the Scratch platform. Scratch allows learners to explore and create animations, digital stories and games. Starting a creative project in Scratch could take your learners hours and it really gets them thinking and solving problems.

Create each letter of your name and add interactions to make them spin or grow or change colour. They can even play noises when someone clicks on them.

There’s an amazing series of videos on this challenge from Google CS First

They take pupils through the activity stage by stage and have extra videos (add-ons) for adding more complicated animations and events. 

Animate a Name – CS First

In this introductory activity, students will pick a name and bring the letters of the word to life using code. Choose a nickname, a pet’s name, an animal, a sport, a place or a hobby. It’s all up to you!

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