Behind the Scenes at Wicked – Set Design and Costume Design

Imagine you are in the Theatre, the lights are dimmed low, you can feel the velvet of your seat and arm rests, people are talking in quiet tones.  Everyone has dressed up for the occation and there is a sense of excitiment in the air.  You almost feel a bit nervous, there's no other sounds other than the quiet movement of last minute people getting to their seats.......When......

SUDDENLY there is a loud crashing noise coming from the orchestra and a series of different colour lights flash into view on the stage......the first character of the story enters the stage before you.  The stage behind her compliments the way she/he looks perfectly.  You already get a feeling about them before they even say a word.

So now that we have had a peek into the dramatic world of theatre.  And we realise just how important character costume design and set design are to the overall atmosphere of the show... 

... I want you to imagine you are the new set designer for the Wicked show.

Task 1

The show owners need a new background set to be created for a newly added scene in the show.  They need you to decide how this new background will look and which character the background is for?

So before the set builders can begin creating your new set design, they need you to carefully and as acurately as you can draw every detail out on plain paper, pretending the paper is the stage itself. Almost as if you have taken a snap shot of how your background set looks.

Take your time.  Use your imagination and add as much detail as you can, the more detail you add the more fantastic your stage set will look.

Task 2

So you have designed a new background set for the new scene in the show.  The show owners love it, they love the atmosphere you have created and all the imaginative details you have drawn.

Now the show owners need you to design a new costume for the character you designed the stage set for.  What does the characters new costume look like?  It needs to link closely to your background set. 

Carefully draw out your character on another sheet of plain paper, making them about the right size to fit into your set design drawing.  Then begin to style your Wicked character  by drawing the perfect costume to compliment the Wicked scene you have created.

Once you have styled your character your can then carefully cut them out and you can then place them or move them about in your background set to really create the whole scene.

You can re draw and cut out your character as many times as you want.  Changing the look of the scene with a different costume design ideas.

Start Designing!!!


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