FLIP Clacks onboarding series playlist

Welcome to the FLIP onboarding playlist

Our aim with FLIP 2.0 is to make it super easy for all users to navigate and find useful content for them. This means all learning can be browsed by subject and level, for example. We will add more categories as more people start to add learning.

Who can add to the site?

Any educator or young person can create an account and add to the site. We recommend signing-in with Google and using Glow Google account @cl.glow.scot. Don’t worry. All posts are moderated and checked before being published.

One-click share to Google Classroom on any and every post

All learning posts that are added can be shared to Google Classroom in one click. We wanted to develop a solution that would make it easy for educators to find great digital content to share to their Google classrooms as well as being a place for parents and learners.

Add a live Google Meet lesson event

As people’s confidence with the online world grows, some may feel confident to deliver live lessons/events across the authority. Our events integration means educators can fill in a simple form to create a virtual event for across Clackmannanshire. Just add link to YouTube stream, Google Meet or Zoom and it will be sent to all those who sign-up in a secure way that restricts to Clacks emails.

Watch the playlist below and then sign-up for an account and start adding learning

FLIPClacks onboarding series

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