Get Google Classroom app for phones and tablets

Get to Google Classroom from phones, tablets, Xbox and Playstations

Google Classroom apps for mobile phones are a must for teachers and learners/parents

There are Google Classroom apps for Android and Apple phones and tablets. We recommend that all parents make sure children have access to the app on their phones por tablets. They will receive notifications when work is added and will be able to communicate with their teachers and fellow classmates as well as find all their learning and assignments.

Get to Google Classroom from any computer, Playstation and Xbox through the web browser and login in one of two ways:

1. Go through Glow and sign in using Glow Outlook email

– Search internet for Glow Scotland login and login using regular Microsoft Glow username and password. 

NB This ends e.g. clmd1** You will then find a Google Classroom tile on the launchpad and be able to click to your classes.

2. Go direct to Google Classroom and sign-in using Google email

– Search for Google Classroom login and login with Google email address + Glow password 

NB The Google email ends but it’s same username and password e.g. clmd1**

*All Clacks Glow usernames begin with CL and pupil usernames are usually their initials plus 4 numbers

If you need a password reset please contact any teacher at your child’s school as all staff can reset passwords from a management console in Glow.

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