How to Draw Graffiti Name Tag Letters

This looks like a really long project with loads of steps, but it's not.

The steps below will take you through each part you need to know so you can create an eye catching graffiti name tag.

For this project you will need a sheet of plain paper, some felt tip pens (colour pencils will work too, or this could look just as cool using only a normal pencil to add shading)

And don't do this outside, graffiti art looks great on paper, in fashion design on clothes and on canvas prints.  But it is illegal to do it outside.!!!

Okay let's get started...

  • Draw two curve lines lightly across your page.
  • Now lightly sketch the letters of your name.
  • Start to outline the letters to make them look like bubble letters.
  • Start to thicken up your lines around your letters, you can start to add extra details to your letters like arrows something else you would like to add.
  • Keep adjusting (fixing) the lines until you are happy and they look good to your eye.
  • Now use a felt pen to outline the lines around your letters.  Rub out all your pencil lines.
  • Draw a shadow around your letters to make them look 3D.  You should do this in pencil until you are happy with the effect and then go over it in pen.
  • Next draw another line completely around the outside of all your letters.
  • To add an ombre 'spray paint' effect choose one colour to use on the bottom of your letters and use another darker colour on the same bottom area, blending this in lightly.
  • Now choose another colour to use on the top of your letters, but remember to level some bits of your letters white.
  • You can keep adding line and colour details until your graffiti name tag looks eye catching and most importantly your happy with the results.

Once you have mastered these steps, you will be able to do this with any lettering.

Just remember Don't Do This Outside !!

Get Designing

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