Children understand that they can make estimations on the size of a set or an object. Children develop a sense of size and amount by observing, exploring, using, and communicating with...

  • Simple Arithmetic Competence

    Children are able to transform small sets through addition and subtraction. Addition and subtraction are the first math operations children learn. But it doesn’t happen all at once. Learning to add...


    NUMBER RECOGNITION Recognising numbers is an important skill for all of us to have. Numbers are all around us and part of our everyday lives. They provide us with information...

  • Awareness of Number Patterns

    AWARENESS OF NUMBER PATTERNS Children can recognise and extend number patterns and are able to identify a missing number. FOUNDATIONAL NUMBER SENSE (FONS) INCLUDES AWARENESS OF NUMBER PATTERNS AND, IN...

  • Understanding of Different Representations of Number

    UNDERSTANDING OF DIFFERENT REPRESENTATIONS OF NUMBER  Children understand that numbers can be represented differently, including the number line, various manipulatives, and fingers. FoNS incorporates an understanding that numbers can be...

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