The African American Artist Jean Michel Basquiat

Task 1

Create a scene from your imagination using as messy or graffiti-inspired style as you want.  This is your chance to really explore your imagination and create a drawing about anything you want.  Remember using a graffiti style to 'abstract' your piece of work, means your drawing doesn't need to show a lot of details, it doesn't even need to look real.  Your drawing can look as childlike and unreal and bold as you want.

Task 2

Lots of 'graffiti artists' have a 'Tag' they put on all their designs.  A 'Tag' is like a signature without the artist really writing their name.

Create your own 'Tag', what would your graffiti signature look like, without writing your name? 

Please remember graffiti art should only be used on paper, never outside on walls or buildings.

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