The Story Behind Your Glasses Part 2 – Tom Ford Eyewear Design and Manufacture

Now you have watched The Story Behind Your Glasses Part 1 and the Story Behind Your Glasses Part 2 - Tom Ford Eyewear Design and Manufacture, you can now begin designing your own glasses range.

Design your own glasses range (face furniture)

- Who is your customer, male, female, unisex, teenagers, children?

- How does the above decisions change the look of your glasses range?

-Are your glasses contemporary (fashionable and sleek to look at), outrageous (very in your face and look large and jump yout at you immediately), discreet (they almost blend into the wearers face, they dont jump out at you immediately).

- Whats the 'Price Point' (how expensive are your glasses) are they affordable for everyone or are they expensive and exclusive (not available to everyone because of how much they cost)?

- How will buyers know this is your glasses range - Whats your Logo??

- Where will your Logo be on your range of glasses?

- Do your have a sunglasses range?  Does it look different from your glasses range??

Start sketching (lightly drawing) out possible ideas for your glasses range, it might take you a few sketches and trys before you get to an idea you like.  Don't worry, thats what designers do too.  You might even find you take an idea from each of your sketches to create the look you want.

Get Designing!!!

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