When Does Art Not Look Like Art – Elon Musk Space X to Tesla Part 2

You might have heard of STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  But Elon Musk realised early on that to make his dream of more affordable space travel a reality he would need to surround himself with a very select team, with very specific skill sets.  He looked towards a more STEAM approach, just like STEM above, but with the all important involvement of Art.

This decision went on to create many prototype designs with the Falcon 1 rocket being created.  Making Space X the only other private company to successfully launch a rocket apart from NASA.

At the same time Elon Musk began investing in the electric car company Tesla and through creative collaboration and by 2012 Tesla successfully launched a fully electric family car.

So, who knows which of Elon Musk's many other ideas he will persue next??

Who Knows, but I'm sure it will be something that once invented, we won't be able to do without!

So when does art not look like art?  When innovation is the art form!!!

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