When Does Art Not Look Like Art – Who is Elon Musk Part 1

Meet Elon Musk....

A teenage day dreamer, who's love of books made him the target of terrible bullying at school, including being 'nicknamed' the Fact Nerd by many.

But by 1984 this Fact Nerd had created and sold the code for an arcade computer game and he didn't stop there...

Elon went on to create ideas that we now think of as normal house hold names.  His first computer product Zip2 was bought by the computer giant Compaq for $307 Million Dollars - he was 28 years old.

And he  Co-created PayPal in 2002, which went in to be bought by EBay for $1.5 Billion Dollars.

So when does art not look like art - when art becomes the creation of new ideas and ways of thinking that go on to push boundaries that hadn't been thought of before.  

Still not happy to stop dreaming big, Elon set his new sights on Space.  Have a look at Space X To Tesla Part 2.

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